Flame Retardant Gloves and Oversleeve

    1. Flame Retardant Gloves (SF301 Oven Gloves with 3 Fingers)The SF301 flame retardant glove is a unique oven glove with 3 fingers. It is almost same with the SF101 classic type except for three-finger structure which allows more flexibility. For instance, you can conveniently rotate the rotary knob of oven wearing this glove.

The flame retardant oven mitt supplied by NEW STAR can withstand naked flame for 10-20 seconds without being caught fire. In addition, this home textile features excellent heat insulation effect. The temperature it can resist ranges from 200℃ to 250℃, which depends on the volume of fiberfill.

The reason why this oven mitten has great resistance to flame is because of the flame retardant coating on the surface fabric which is made of cotton cloth, canvas, etc. This flame resistant oven mitt is usually worn in the places where naked flame can be touched such as oven, barbeque, etc.

As a specialist kitchen textiles manufacturer, NEW STAR can manufacture all kinds of flame retardant oven mitts. To be specific, they are available in various styles, including classic type, one type with extra thumb activity, advanced type, three-finger type and that with flame retardant oversleeve.