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Kevlar Oven Mitt

It is well known that Kevlar fabric features low density, high strength, great toughness, high temperature resistance, softness and comfort. In many countries, it is an advanced fabric used for making body armor, showing perfect cut and wear resistance. So, you can imagine that a Kevlar oven mitt with a layer of Kevlar fabric can give you incredible protection against burning and scratching in your daily life.

NEW STAR has manufactured Kevlar oven mitt for many years and owned rich production and export experience in this cut resistant glove or heat resistant glove. Our finished products can pass all kinds of tests. Even if used in the most complex kitchen or baking environment, this kitchen gloves can perfectly protect you from any temperature or cut related injuries.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and professional kitchen textiles supplier, NEW STAR can be your preferred choice.

Surface: Kevlar
Filling: Regenerated cotton
Lining: Non-woven fabric

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