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Teflon Oven Mitt

The Teflon oven mitt is specially designed with a extremely practical surface fabric-Teflon. Thus, it can give your hand unbeatable and versatile protection in cooking, baking and other kitchen applications.

Main Features of Teflon Oven Mitt
1. This kitchen textile can stably protect your hand in a wide range temperature from -196℃ to 350℃.
2. It boasts non-sticky performance. Almost all sticky things on this heat resistant mitten such as oil stain, dirty spot, paste, resin, coating, etc. can be easily cleaned away.
3. The Teflon oven mitt also has strong resistance to chemical corrosions by strong acid, strong base, aqua regia and all kinds of organic solvents.
4. This non-stick oven mitt has high insulating property. It can also resist UV and static electricity.
5. It can resist almost all medicaments and is non-toxic.
6. Ideal for kitchen applications, the Teflon oven mitt is flame retardant.

Employing this superb fabric, NEW STAR has developed an assortment of water proof, oil proof and stain resistant kitchen products including oven mitts, apron, potholder, pot handle holder and shopping bag. These clean and sanitary home textile products come with excellent quality, and have won great popularity among users in Europe and America as well as East Asia.

Materials of Teflon Oven Mitt
Surface: Teflon fabric
Filling: Regenerated cotton
Lining: Non-woven fabric or customized

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