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Cotton Pot Holder (Custom Potholder with Good Thermal Insulation)

NEW STAR provides a wide spectrum of cotton potholders which come with comfortable hand feeling, elegant appearance and large varieties. Particularly, this custom potholder feature excellent thermal insulation. We have rich production experience in this kitchen textile.

This is a full cotton pot holder, also called long two handed mitten, that is filled by regenerated cotton and can resist high temperature up to 200-220℃. There is respectively one pocket at the left and right end. You can put you hands into the pockets to hold hot items so as to protect your hands from being burned. In addition, this potholder can wrap the part of hot object that is close to your body, thus protecting your body from being burned.

  • Black with red edge
  • Turquoise

NEW STAR can customize long, two handed pot holders of all kinds of colors. Black with red edge and turquoise color are typically shown here. They all have excellent heat resistance, up to 200-220℃. They all have two pockets, one at the right end and one at the left end. These potholders can protect both your hands and body from hot objects.

This is a black long double potholder which can be embroidered with company logo. Plus exquisite and high end design, it is great for publicizing company brands.

This type of pot holder comes with all kinds of shapes including round shape, square shape, etc. which can be customized. The heat insulated layer coated with golden materials boasts outstanding heat insulation effect. In addition, golden appearance presents higher grade.

All shapes of silver coated potholders can be customized. The silver coated layer has excellent resistance to high temperature. It is clean and sanitary. Quilting lines can be made into all kinds of types including wavy lines, broken lines, etc.

The potholder is made of canvas. It comes with high durability and great heat insulation.

This heart shaped potholder is customized according to customer's requirements. Other shapes can also be customized, making products full of enjoyment and popular among users.

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