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Flame Retardant Pot Holder (Potholder with Fire Retardant Coating)

The flame retardant pot holder supplied by NEW STAR has effective resistance to fire due to its fire retardant coating. It presents an irreplaceable heat insulated effect to those hot items that are easy to make the object touched with them combusted. Therefore, this fire retardant potholder is indispensable for home cooking and barbecuing.

The flame retardant surface is made of full cotton coated with a layer of fire retardant materials. It can resist naked flame for 10-20 seconds.

  • One Side Black and One Side Grey
  • One Side Red and One Side Grey

This type of potholder features a pocket that is convenient for putting hand in. Lining is made of thick terry cloth that can effectively insulate heat. The exterior comes with a layer of flame retardant cloth on which there is a fire proof mark that will change color when touching flame, thus warning users to control temperature.

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