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Terry Pot Holder (Custom Shape Potholder with Terry Cloth Fabric)

Today, terry cloth is one of the most commonly used kitchen textiles, well popular among housewives. NEW STAR terry potholder which employs terry cloth as its heat insulated medium not only boasts outstanding heat insulation effect, but also lets users enjoy other features of terry cloth. With this towel pot holder, you will be with high proficiency in kitchen.

NEW STAR is a major home textiles provider in China. The terry cloth potholder supplied by us covers a wide variety of custom shapes. Find what you like.

This long double potholder is covered with a layer of rough terry cloth at both two sides and filled in regenerated cotton. The temperature it can resist is up to 200-250℃. Two pockets at two ends can give your hands perfect protection when you use this pot holder to hold hot objects. Due to long structure, it can protect your body close to the hot items from being burned.

This rough terry potholder comes with a hand pocket. It can be used as either pot holder or oven mitt to hold hot objects.

Now, you can see our fan shaped terry potholder. This potholder is designed with silver coated cloth at one side and full cotton fabric with embroider at another side. The lining material of the pocket is terry cloth which has excellent heat resistance. In addition, user friendly fan shaped design is more suitable for single hand.

  • Brown Terry Potholder
  • Black Terry Potholder
  • White Terry Potholder

Black, white, brown and other colors terry potholders manufactured by NEW STAR can meet your requirements for color.

This quilted terry potholder is so soft. There is a stripe of rubber band at its back, which is convenient for operation. The quilting lines are parallel straight lines.

This is a combination of high-end terry potholder and terry oven mitt which are made of superior terry cloth by advanced technology. Terrific hand feeling gives you incomparable enjoyment.

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