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Silicone Pot Holder(Pot Holder with Silicone Surface and Cotton Lining)

The silicone pot holder manufactured by NEW STAR is a perfect combination of cotton potholder and silicone. It is designed with silicone surface and cotton lining. This kitchen textile boasts not only the advantages of full silicone potholder such as high heat insulation, non stickiness and hygiene but also the characteristics of full cotton potholders including comfort, slip resistance, and breathability.

The silicone potholder is available with a wide variety of styles. It presents superior quality at an amazingly low price. Welcome to learn more about NEW STAR silicone potholder. We offer customized service.

  • Short Silicone Dots Potholder
  • Long Two-handed Silicone Dots Potholder

This pot holder comes with both beauty and practicality. Numerous small lovely silicone dots are coated on the full cotton fabric that is printed with many big elegant dots, thus showing striking appearance. In addition, silicone adds heat insulation effect to this textile. So it also has great practicality. It is available in long double potholder and short square potholder.

This type of silicone potholder comes with a square shape. One face is covered with superior silicone which presents numerous strips, thus effectively improving friction. Another face is full cotton fabric with a hand pocket that is convenient for operation and available with various colors.

The silicone presents quincunx, exquisite and elegant.

This silicone potholder looks like double round pads connected with each other. One face of this pot holder is coated with silicone and another face is full cotton fabric. There are two pockets respectively designed on each pad, thus suitable for single hand operation (one pocket for thumb; another pocket for other four fingers).

One face of this silicone is printed with the texture pattern of blue and white porcelain, which makes it look elegant and charming. Another face is coated with silicone that can effectively insulate high temperature up to 200℃.

This potholder is coated with a layer of silicone that is made into unique patterns. Such special technology creates striking appearance. Hand pockets are designed for single hand operation.

The silicone pot holder comes with oval shape. Its one face is coated with a layer of premium silicone that is strip like, thus effectively increasing friction. Another surface is covered by full cotton fabric with a hand pocket.

This potholder is oval-shaped. One side is coated with silicone and another side is covered with full cotton fabric. There are two lovely pockets designed on the back of the potholder you can slip your thumb and fingers into for added security as well as convenient operation.

This type of pot holder is oval-shaped, with one side coated with silicones that are designed into a number of hexagons, thus ensuring excellent slip resistance and heat insulation. In addition, it can be embroidered with enterprise logo, hence perfect for advertising promotion.

Colorful print fabric matched with heat resistant silicone make this pot holder both attractive and practical.

The denim potholder coated with silicone is sure to be popular among those who like jeans. Apart from denim, NEW STAR can also employ other types of cloth to manufacturer silicone potholder so as to meet requirements of different customers.

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