Pot Holder

    1. Custom Printed Pot HolderThe high quality kitchen textile product that we make by best-in-class technology comes with a large variety of styles at an incredibly low price. We offer bespoke pot holders. All kinds of printing patterns can be customized.

In today's market, there are a wide range of potholders which are made of all kinds of materials such as wood, silicone, plastic, paper, cloth, etc. Many of these kitchen textiles, however, are used for decorative purpose, with inferior heat resistance. For example, they can only insulate a temperature of 100℃ or less from cup or dish.

But, the professional potholder made by NEW STAR boasts both striking appearance and practicality, i.e. excellent heat insulation. This pot holder is suitable for holding the hot objects with a temperature of 160-250℃, including ordinary cup and dish or baking-hot iron pan and gridiron. Most of them are provided with a pocket that is used for covering your hand to conveniently hold hot items, thus maximally protecting your hand from injury in cooking.

As a specialist home textiles supplier, NEW STAR offers an assortment of potholders. According to materials, the pot holders that NEW STAR supplies include cotton potholder, flame retardant potholder, terry potholder, silicone potholder, rubber potholder, potholder with printing pattern. Welcome to order our potholders in large volume. If you want to see more samples, please view our sample exhibition page.