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    1. Flame Retardant Gloves and OversleeveThe reason why this oven mitten has great resistance to flame is because of the flame retardant coating on the surface fabric which is made of cotton cloth, canvas, etc. This flame resistant oven mitt is usually worn in the places where naked flame can be touched such as oven, barbeque, etc.
    1. Oven Mitt ( Mitts with Gold Coated Surface ) The gold plated oven mitt manufactured by NEW STAR is a relatively classic heat resistant glove used in kitchen for protecting your hand from hot pots and pans. The heat insulating coat of this kitchen textile product ...
    1. Oven Mitt ( Mitts with Silver Coated Surface )Our silver coated oven mitt comes with exquisite and elegant appearance which is extremely popular among most of housewives. According to customer's demands, the coating color can be either bright or dark.
    1. Terry Oven MittThe terry oven mitt is remarkably characterized by comfort, durability, heat resistance and skid resistance. In addition, when worn by housewives, this terry cloth oven mitt can exert unexpected effect.
    1. Silicone Oven Mitt and GloveThis heat resistant glove features great softness, high handiness and flexibility, rich colors and shapes as well as convenience for cleaning. The silicone can withstand high temperature up to 250℃ and can also be used at low temperature.
    1. Rubber Oven MittThe exterior surface of his heat resistant mitten can be designed with rough texture for achieving non-slip and non-sticky effects. In addition, softness and easy operation also make the rubber oven glove highlighted.
    1. Kevlar Oven MittOur finished products can pass all kinds of tests. Even if used in the most complex kitchen or baking environment, this kitchen gloves can perfectly protect you from any temperature or cut related injuries.
    1. Teflon Oven MittIt boasts non-sticky performance. Almost all sticky things on this heat resistant mitten such as oil stain, dirty spot, paste, resin, coating, etc. can be easily cleaned away. The Teflon oven mitt also has strong resistance to chemical corrosions by strong acid, strong base, aqua regia and all kinds ...
    1. Custom Printed ProductsThis print oven mitt features strong modern elements, rich designs, vivid printing patterns, beautiful colors, exquisite and dense weaving, long service life and wear and wash resistance.