Add.: No. 48, West Jinniu Road, Benniu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-519-83211452
Fax: +86-519-83127083
Contact Person: Jason

  • Company Profile

  • Welcome to NEW STAR! Welcome to the experienced and promising home textile products manufacturer in China! As a specialist manufacturer of home textiles, kitchen tiles, gardening clothes, etc. NEW STAR will be your optimal choice for all kinds of kitchen products such as oven mitt, apron, potholder, pot handle holder, to name a few. These heat resistant textiles, some are made of silicones or coated with silicone, are great for all kinds of kitchen environment, providing both practicality and striking appearance.

    Founded in 1997, NEW STAR boasts a superior location in the core position of the Yangtze River Delta economic area, close to Changzhou Airport. With almost 18 years operation in the home textile industry, we have grasped a large number of high quality material suppliers and accumulated rich experience in producing textile products. Plus the support of sophisticated industrial chain and senior R&D staff, our home textile products have the incredible quality at an amazing price.

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  • Production Equipment

  • NEW STAR possesses large scale workshop and warehouse which cover an area of 3,000 square meters. In the workshops, we boast advanced production equipment that can improve our production efficiency. From cotton slitter to cloth inspecting machine, NEW STAR owns all needed production equipment as well as quality testing machines for the whole production process, thus ensuring that our kitchen textiles such as oven mitt, apron, potholder, etc. have superior quality and can be delivered in time.

    In addition, as a prominent home textiles provider, NEW STAR owes greatly to our advanced production equipment to produce ultra high quality products.

    • Punching Machine
    • Wire Bonder
    • High Speed Ink-jet Plotter
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  • Certificates

  • Currently, NEW STAR has become a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of home textile products, kitchen textiles, gardening clothes, etc. The certificates we have obtained for our company and our products include CCT certificate, SGS certificate, CE certificate, ISO certificate, to name a few.

    Firstly, all oven mitts manufactured by NEW STAR have passed CE testing, which means that our oven mittens comply with essential requirements formulated by the European Directives such as safety, hygiene, eco-friendliness, consumer protection, etc.

    • CCT Certificate
    • CE Certificate 1
    • CE Certificate 2
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  • Why Us

  • Many friends in European and American countries as well as South and East Asian countries have selected NEW STAR kitchen textiles. Why did they choose us? Is it because of the name that sounds good? Maybe, the name is one of the reasons, but it can not explain it completely. So, Why us? What are the real reasons?

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