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NEW STAR can customize all kinds of home textiles and special textile products, including oven mitt, apron, pot holder, pot handle holder, baby diaper, picnic mat, shopping bag, wine bag, pizza delivery bag, etc. In addition, all kinds of oven mitts made of various materials such as cotton cloth, printed fabric, chemical fabric, silicone, rubber, etc. can be custom made.

We can offer samples. Sample making with existing materials can be finished within 3-5 days. If we are required to purchase materials again, the sample can be made in about 10 days. Whether the samples will be free or not depends on the specific situations. For more details, please contact our customer service center.

Generally, the delivery cycle is 15-25 days after the order is placed. If the order quantity is too large or there are other situations, the delivery cycle can be determined by mutual agreement.

NEW STAR has a professional foreign trade customer service team which will be online handling your questions for 6 days a week. The emails sent to us in workdays will be replied within 24 hours. Specifically, our customer service team offers pre-sales consulting service, in-sales production supervising service and after-sales quality control service as well as logistics service.

And, NEW STAR has a specialized design team that can design various products with different styles, including different functions and packages according to your requirements. And also, we can design logo for you.

In addition, we own an excellent quality testing team which will enforce production supervision. The quality of our oven mittens, aprons, potholders and other textile products are undoubtedly superior. That can be proved by a series certificates including CCT, SGS, CE, ISO, etc. If required, we can apply other quality test and factory inspection certificates.

NEW STAR offers OEM and ODM services. The terms of payment we prefer includes T/T, L/C, etc.

Specific Customized Service Flow
Customized Service Flow

1. Inquiry
a. If you have interest in our products, you can inquire price by means of fax, email, Alitalk, online communication and other methods. Our professional foreign trade salesmen will be glad to help. Related contact information is put on our website.
b. For fax/email inquiry, please specify your requirements for related products including product name, specifications, product purpose and quantity. And, related product pictures or drawings can be enclosed herewith.

2. Offer
a. After confirming customer's inquiry, we will offer product quotation to the customer within 24 hours in normal cases.
b. All product offers are completed and determined by our specialized pricing department and staff, and all information related to the offer will be kept in secret by our company. If customers have query about any information related to the offer, they can directly contact our customer service center or our general manager.
c. The quotation will be sent to customer by fax or email. In the quotation, we will confirm related details about the offer with our customers.
d. All offers that have not been officially confirmed by our company can be considered as intentioned offer. Only after confirmation by two sides can the offer go into effect. The offers only based on the description by pictures, text or words are all seen as intentioned offer.

3. Sample Making
a. Requirements

Our company will firstly confirm the product information (sample or drawing) offered by customers, and then transform them into our "sample making requirement bills".

b. Charge
About the charge for sample making, NEW STAR implements two methods, namely free sample making and sample making needed to be paid. Customers need to contact customer service in advance for confirming that whether they can enjoy free sample making. It depends on their product types and requirements as well as quantity.

Some samples need to be paid by customers. However, when they have placed a certain number of orders, the charge for sample making will be returned to them by direct deduction from the payment or by cash or transfer.

c. Time
Using existing materials, the samples can be made within 3 to 5 days. If the materials need to be purchased again, the time will be about 10 days. If there are other requirements, the time will be subject to customer's confirmation.

d. Confirmation
When the samples making have been accomplished, the samples will be sent to customers for confirmation. And, the samples will be done in duplicate, one for customer and one for us. We will implement production according to the confirmed samples.

e. Traceability and Effectiveness
All samples NEW STAR has made will be coded and effectively kept, and we will enforce samples reconfirmation and data alteration depending on product's features or when change happens so as to maintain the timeliness and effectiveness of samples.

4. Production
a. Confirmation of Production Information

Only after receiving the official purchase order or order contract and then confirming that can the company transfer it into related data and implement production and tracing.

b. Delivery Cycle
The delivery cycle will be determined according to production characteristics of different products, processing and packing requirements, and current product plan of the company. Generally, it will be within 15-25 workdays.

c. Production Tracking
NEW STAR will appoint professional merchandisers to follow up production status and report them back to the customer. Except our foreign trade salesmen and merchandisers, the employees in other departments do not take part in direct communication with the customer during production.

5. Design and Technology Tracking
a. Product Design Information

NEW STAR owns professional product packaging and design team, which can design anything about product structure, style, pattern, package, function, etc. The product style and features determine what materials are needed and what technologies can be employed during production.

b. Technical Problem Solution
We have professional technicians who specialize in handling technical problems of customer, and deliver solutions to the customer. If necessary, customer's engineering technicians can come to our production site for checking and discussing how to solve technical problems. In addition, we can appoint our professional technicians to implement face-to-face communication with the customer about the engineering technical issues so as to rapidly figure them out.

c. Product Alteration
During production after the samples have been confirmed, if it really needs to change partial or whole technologies of the product, two sides will enforce confirmation in written form, and then alter the product and reconfirm it. Finally, the product will be manufactured according to the latest requirements. The charge generated in product alteration will be handled by mutual agreement depending on alteration reason and amount of money.

6. Delivery
a. NEW STAR will carry out timely delivery according to the agreements which stipulates delivery time and delivery method.
b. Our company usually employs FOB Shanghai or FOB Ningbo. If there is any other need, the customer can contact with related salesmen, and we will deliver products by the transportation mode specified by contract and at the same time transact customs clearance according to the order contract.

7. Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C, Credit card, Check, etc.

8. Ask for Information
a. Customers can ask for samples from our company after providing detailed inquiry information.
b. Our company will offer existing samples for free.
c. The samples or production information we offer to the customer are based on mutual agreement. There are not any responsibility and obligation between two sides.

9. Property Rights Protection
a. For each product that we develop independently, NEW STAR enjoys related intellectual property rights, rights of sales and rights of interpretation.
b. The products we have released and the products that are not indicated are all produced according to information customers have provided and under customer's confirmation. Related intellectual property rights and ownership of these products belong to the customer and the trademark holder of the product.
c. For anyone who has infringement and improper behavior to our independent design and products, we will enforce legal procedures in order to protect the benefit of our company and our customers.